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We have come together, one and all, in fellowship to commune,
and to glorify the Grand Exalted
Brotherhood of Raccoons." [Howl]
        Raccoon Alma Mater
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The Honeymooners has been a favorite TV show of mine as far back as I can remember. I can recall when there were only 39 episodes of this classic comedy being re-run day after day, week after week, year after year. These "classic" episodes were the only ones that were syndicated for over one quarter of a century. In actuality, there were a great many Honeymooners episodes that were filmed - some too short or too long to syndicate into a half hour or one hour series. Much of the early material had been lost, but in 1986 were "found" in Jackie Gleason's basement. These episodes are broadcast on TV today in some areas but have no fear if you can't watch them on TV... they are also available through many video retailers (check out my shopping page if you can't find them locally). There were also some sketches that were done live, but never filmed. These, unfortunately, are lost forever.

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Although Audrey Meadows and Joyce Randolph are the most popular actresses to play Alice and Trixie (respectively) in The Honeymooners, they weren't the only ones. Among others who have played the role of Alice are Pert Kelton, Sue Ane Langdon, and Sheila MacRae. Others who have played the role of Trixie include Elaine Stritch, Patricia Wilson, and Jane Kean

The real story behind the "Lost Episodes".
Were they really lost?

This is an autographed picture that was sent to me by Art Carney for inclusion on this site. He was truly dedicated to his fans. I received this picture only 5 days after I sent out my letter to request it. A special thanks to Mr. Carney.

This is Joyce Randolph's contribution to this site. She was very nice in sending me this photo, as well as a USO newsletter with her picture and autograph. She also took the time to write me a letter. A special thanks to Mrs. Randolph.

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