Who's Who?
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Gotham Bus Company
225 River Street, NYC, NY

Company Executives

John J. Marshall (Pres.)
Mr. Boyle
Mr. Hopkins
Mr. Murray
Mr. Nolan
Mr. Rogers
Mr. Williams

Traffic Managers

William Kalansky
Joe Malone
Mr. Mitchell

Accounting Dept.

Dutch (Payroll)

Company Doctors

Dr. Agres
Dr. Stanton
Dr. Stevens

Bus Drivers

Ralph Kramden
Joe Cassidy
Frank Ferguson
Charlie Henderson
Herbert Johnson
Jimmy Nolan


Mr. Butler (Claims Adjuster)
Miss Wilson (Marshall's secretary)
Freddie Muller (Dispatcher)
Red Cochrane (unknown job)
Fred Harvey (unknown job)
Bill Johnson (unknown job)
Charlotte Stadtelman (unknown job)

Im sure all of you have seen the pictures taken of The Cast (Mr. Gleason, Ms. Meadows, Mr. Carney and Ms. Randolph) in and around an Old Look GM bus, photos taken in August of 1955 around Seventh Avenue and West 57th Street in midtown Manhattan (prior to commencement of production of the Classic 39), the one marked Fleet # 2969 and owned by the New York City Omnibus Corporation (one of many companies whose routes, in 1962, were acquired by the City for administration by the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority, or MaBSTOA). That particular bus was the GM TDH-4509, serial # 1119, one of 75 buses manufactured for N.Y.C. Omnibus (fleet #s 2947-3021 = serial #s 1097-1171) at the GM Truck and Coach Division in Pontiac, Michigan, between November and December, 1950. This particular model was manufactured betweeen 1949 and 1953, and on the link below, you can see the long list of other companies that purchased fleets of this specific bus. Click here for List.

Oh, and one other thing: If you look carefully the bus drivers hats Mr. Gleason wore as Ralph Kramden had a LaFollette Coach Lines pin on them.

Submitted by W.B.